Execute A Query

The query will be executed in the background.

aws athena start-query-execution \
  --work-group <WORK_GROUP_NAME> \
  --query-execution-context Database=<DATABASE_NAME> \
  --query-string <QUERY>

Example Response

    "QueryExecutionId": "8f54de09-e59d-4ef1-b738-af6ebc849f84"

The QueryExecutionId will be used to retrieve the query status and query results.

Retrieve the Query Status

aws athena get-query-execution --query-execution-id <QUERY_EXECUTION_ID>

Retrieve the Query Results

aws athena get-query-results --query-execution-id <QUERY_EXECUTION_ID>
  • You can "stream" the output by setting the --page-size <N> argument.

  • Or, you can paginate the results by setting the --max-items <N> and the --starting-token <NEXT_TOKEN> arguments, where the <NEXT_TOKEN> is obtained from the last get-query-results call.

Prepared Statement

Create the Prepared Statement

aws athena create-prepared-statement \
  --work-group <WORK_GROUP_NAME> \
  --statement-name <STATEMENT_NAME> \
  --query-statement <QUERY>

# For example:
# aws athena create-prepared-statement \
#   --work-group primary \
#   --statement-name example \
#   --query-statement "SELECT * FROM demo WHERE created_at > CAST(? AS date) LIMIT 10"

Execute the Prepared Statement

The prepared statement can be triggered by executing the EXECUTE query.

# For example:
# aws athena start-query-execution \
#   --work-group primary \
#   --query-execution-context Database=foo \
#   --query-string "EXECUTE example USING '2020-01-01'"

Retrieve the Prepared Statement

aws athena get-prepared-statement --work-group <WORK_GROUP_NAME> --statement-name <STATEMENT_NAME>

List the Prepared Statements

aws athena list-prepared-statements --work-group <WORK_GROUP_NAME>

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