The Interactive Elixir shell. It supports most of the elixir arguments.

Execute Script

iex [--sname <SHORT_NAME>] [--cookie <SECRET>] -S <SCRIPT>
  • --sname: Provide a short name to be identified by other nodes in the network.

  • --cookie: Provide a shared secret that only nodes with the same secret can communicate with each other.

  • -S: Provide the script or command to run before starting the shell.

Open A Remote Shell

iex --sname node2 [--cookie foo] --remsh node1
  • --sname node2: Start the local shell with the short name node2

  • --cookie foo: Start the local shell with the shared secret foo

  • --remsh node1: Connect to the remote node node1 and starts the shell on it

Require File

iex -r <FILE>

Recompile and Reload the Module

iex> r <MODULE>

IEx Helpers

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